SameSport is an inclusive two-sided marketplace of sports and recreational activities available for people with and without disabilities in Arkansas. Our database has search filters (sports, inclusivity, level, age, disability, availability online), and description of each location with photos, price and schedule that make it easy to find an activity. We want to create an inclusive community, with the power of Sports for Development and Peace recognized by the United Nations, and contribute to achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

good health and well being gender equality reduced inequalities peace, justice and strong insitutions partnerships for the goals

Our Vision

A diverse yet united world; one where everyone simply lives in peace and afforded justice and respect.

Our Mission

To promote inclusive activities and connect diverse people in a collaborative community through the universal language of sports.


The idea of SameSport was born in 2014 when Moscow native journalist Olga Khokhryakova visited Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia. There she discovered a fascinating world of sports that she had never before seen.

In 2017, recognizing how unfairly underrepresented sports for people with disabilities are in the market, Olga decided to create a one-stop source with opportunities available in her city of Moscow, Russia. This is how SameSport was born. After moving to Northwest Arkansas in 2019, she brought the concept with her, and started planning the first international chapter.

In 2020 Olga met with a former Russian athlete Anastasia Samoylova, who has participated in inclusive sports including those for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Olga and Anastasia, visionaries and sports fanatics, have tried more than 33 types of adaptive, non-adaptive and inclusive sports. Together they have upgraded the idea to make an inclusive platform where everyone can find activities for themselves.

Today Olga and Anastasia are working together in two parts of the world with an 11-hour difference to create an inclusive community with the power of Sports for Development and Peace recognized by the United Nations. The long-term plan is to have SameSport chapters in every country.

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