VIDEO SameSport.Arkansas Launch and Panel: Sports as a Tool for Social Change

Zoom screenshot with attendees of the event
Source: SameSport

24 April 2021

SameSport.Arkansas, an inclusive two-sided community marketplace that makes it easier for people with disabilities to find accessible sports and activities in the area, has been officially launched with a kick-off event in Zoom on April 23, 2021. The presentation was followed by the panel discussion on Sports as a Tool for Social Change.

Video recording of the event is availiable at the Arkansas Global Changemakers website. 



    • Olga Khokhryakova, Founder of SameSport International, MS Candidate’21 in Community Health Promotion from the University of Arkansas
    • Sunny Day, Manager of SameSport.Arkansas, International and Global Studies Student with French Minor at the University of Arkansas

    SameSport-Arkansas is a part the international initiative SameSport, that aims to promote inclusive activities and connect diverse people in a collaborative community through the universal language of sports. Today SameSport operates in Moscow, Russia ( and Arkansas, the US ( Founder of the initiative, Olga Khokhryakova, is a second-year graduate student in Community Health Promotion at the University of Arkansas, co-founder is a former Russian athlete Anastasia Samoylova, who has participated in sports for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

    The event is a part of the Fulbright Scholars Social Impact Series, which feature international conversations moderated by Fulbright Scholars and other international students and researchers at the University of Arkansas. The series is part of the Arkansas Global Changemakers Initiative, a collaboration between the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and the Walton College of Business.

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